Metropolis M in Conversation with Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents 2012 – “INexactly THIS”

Metropolis M Features an Interview with Curators of “INexactly THIS” Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents 2012. Domeniek Ruyters: Kunstvlaai is changing into a Festival of Independents. Why? I thought Kunstvlaai was quite successful in terms of audience and participation. It had its own ‘Dutch’ character? Natasha Ginwala & Fleur van Muiswinkel: The Kunstvlaai certainly stands as … Continue reading

The Museum of Rhythm: A Constellation of Anomaly

The Museum of Rhythm: A Constellation of Anomaly The Greek terminology for a water clock, clepsydra literally means: “to steal water” or “water thief.” As the earliest time-keeping devices, water clocks in different parts of the world assumed contrasting forms yet measured time-flow with a perpetually leaking vessel. Be it an earthen bowl or the … Continue reading

The Museum of Rhythm at Taipei Biennial 2012

“Are there not alternatives to memory and forgetting: periods where the past returns – and periods where the past effaces itself? Perhaps such an alternative would be the rhythm of history…”– Henri Lefebvre1 The imaginative potential of telling time may no longer lie in minor dissections of petrified chronicles, but in reconsidering the entirety of … Continue reading

In Conversation with Grant Watson

Natasha Ginwala: Let us begin by discussing your most recent exhibition: Social Fabric at Iniva, (London). How did this interest in textile history arise? Is it more than coincidence that the location of Iniva in East London was an epicenter of garment factories, textile markets and weavers’ riots in the 18th century?  Grant Watson: The concern … Continue reading

Here Lies…A Misreckoned Empire

At the periphery of Kankaria Lake and the city zoo in Ahmedabad, traffic sounds drown out as one enters a patch of green which the occasional city guide or rickshaw wallah may refer to as the ‘Dutch gardens.’ A stray dog does a lazy yoga stretch and attempts to leap onto a rectangular tombstone dating … Continue reading

on Afterall Online/ Geeta Kapur: On the Curatorial in India (Part 1) / Natasha Ginwala

On Afterall Online: Geeta Kapur is India’s foremost art critic, historian and curator; throughout the latter decades of the twentieth century, she has both shaped and documented the emergence of a contemporary art scene in the subcontinent. Her essays on art, film, cultural theory in the context of Third World perspectives and avant garde artistic … Continue reading

Fluiten in het Donker – A project by de Appel Curatorial Programme 2010/11

You whistle – and ask, am I alone in here? A whistle emanates from the gut, proceeding to circulate beyond the body, as an absent presence that is felt rather than seen. Whistling in the dark — a nonchalant gesture set within an anxious environment; to summon your courage in the face of projected danger. … Continue reading

Just launched: TAKE on Art Magazine — Issue #5 ‘CURATION’ co-edited by Vidya Shivadas & Natasha Ginwala

A recent panel discussion called The Trouble with Curating at ICA (London) (i) began with the chair (Andrew Renton) stating: ‘If you type curating in your Google search you will see that there is a bit too much curating going on in the world and there are a lot of things that are done in … Continue reading

Notes on the Reader (Dialogues on Curating: Part 2)

  Since we organized Work in Progress: Dialogues on Curation (Part 1) about six months ago, activities in the curatorial sphere have steadily grown―thereby, positioning the contemporary curator as an integral thinker-producer in the cultural field. This reader offers itself as a moment of ‘pause’―not in the sense of a coffee break but as a … Continue reading

Ajrakh: Heaven’s Imprint on Desert Sands

Excerpts from my dissertation ‘Ajrakh: Heaven’s Imprint on Desert Sands’  have been uploaded on the Crafts Council of India blog. (This research was undertaken as part of a post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism at The Asian College of Journalism, Chennai.)