Metropolis M in Conversation with Kunstvlaai: Festival of Independents 2012 – “INexactly THIS”


Metropolis M Features an Interview with Curators of “INexactly THIS” Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents 2012.

Domeniek Ruyters:
Kunstvlaai is changing into a Festival of Independents. Why? I thought Kunstvlaai was quite successful in terms of audience and participation. It had its own ‘Dutch’ character?
Natasha Ginwala & Fleur van Muiswinkel:
The Kunstvlaai certainly stands as a significant event in the cultural life of the Netherlands. With this edition, Kunstvlaai Foundation has decided it is time to update its ‘character’ to complement the current artistic and socio-political climate. Rather than being positioned as an alternative art fair, it will be a curated festival model which hosts inter-generational participant organizations from across the Netherlands as well as a significant amount of international participants. In order to remain relevant, the qualities of any contemporary cultural event cannot remain static. In fact, with every edition of Kunstvlaai, there was a new feature added to the overall format. And this led to a steady growth of audience [there were about 10,000 – 12,000 visitors at the Westergasterrain in recent editions]. In our turbulent times, the work of autonomous players in the cultural field has become even more urgent. Therefore, we wish to employ the model, “Festival of Independents” to foster their voices as well as activities and further, conceive this as a macro-exercise in plotting present /future organizational models in the arts.


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