Shapes of the Unspeakable

Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things Curated by Kathrin Rhomberg BAK – Basis voor Actuele Kunst 5 February – 29 April 2012 A few weeks prior to the unveiling of the exhibition, Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things at Basis voor Actuele Kunst (BAK) in Utrecht, the right-wing Dutch Freedom Party … Continue reading

White on White on White

Exhibition Review: ABSALON curated by Susanne Pfeffer 28. November 2010 to 20. February 2011 KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin) From my apartment window the ‘memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe’ appears as a vast snow-covered rectilinear grid. When one stands within, the flatness of the top view gives way to a dense network … Continue reading

Feet of Clay – Taipei Biennial 2010

Published in TAKE on Art Magazine: Oeuvre (Issue 4, January 2011) (Excerpt) At some point during a public dialogue between Jacques Rancière and Oliver Davis at the ‘EYE Institute’ (Amsterdam), my mind traveled beyond the precincts of the snug auditorium, past the picnicking tourists in Vondelpark and hurtled all the way into the Taipei Fine … Continue reading

F. N. Souza: Remembrance of Things to Come (Exhibition Review)

‘Volte Face,’ a mammoth retrospective of Francis Newton Souza’s drawings, paintings and chemical works from the Dhoomimal Collection, curated by Yashodhara Dalmia, was held in New Delhi recently. Art writer Natasha Ginwala reviews the show.                                                  For in much wisdom there is sorrow and he who stores up knowledge stores up grief.’                                                                                                                                                   – Ecclesiastes … Continue reading

Resemble Reassemble: A revolutionary dispositif

Maryam / Amber Hammad / 2006 / Digital Print / Courtesy: Devi Art Foundation ‘Resemble Reassemble,’ a landmark group show at Devi Art Foundation presents the works of 45 contemporary artists from Pakistan. Art writer Natasha Ginwala analyses how Rana examines the ‘notional entity’ called ‘Contemporary Pakistani Art’ through this show. The recent exhibition ‘Resemble … Continue reading

Listening Camera – A Black and White Memoir of Jazz Moments

The genius of jazz lies in its spontaneity and rebellious spirit; so can a photograph honestly frame this ephemeral music? As his lens travelled back stage and up-close, between wires and sound-systems and even into private jam sessions – to Philadelphia, New York, Berlin, San Francisco and then closer home to Mumbai and Chennai – … Continue reading