Louis Henderson: Geophysical Matters

Commissioned by LUX (published on 8 May 2016) A revolutionary cry is heard in Haiti. Police sirens race across a Parisian street by night, and we collectively listen to Angela Davis discuss the prison industrial complexi: “I want to try to urge you to think about the historical system of slavery and the institution of … Continue reading

In Memoriam: K. G. Subramanyan (1924–2016)

Commissioned and published for documenta 14 As the days pass by And you gain in years The past does not keep you captive. —K. G. Subramanyan, from “A Near Vision” (Poems: Rhymes of Recall, Seagull Books, 2014) A visionary artist and pedagogue has departed after tireless decades of teaching, making, and sharing time. It was … Continue reading

In Memoriam: Lala Rukh (1948–2017)

Commissioned and published for documenta 14  Lala Rukh, Rupak (2016), drawings from a series of eighty-eight, installation view, Athens Conservatoire (Odeion), Athens, documenta 14, 2017, photo: Mathias Völzke During a visit to Lahore in September 2015, we converged in Lala’s home; the door to her backyard garden lay open and a light breeze drifted in. … Continue reading

Living The Age of Insecurity

The death count flashes, more photographs of rubble circulate, another ‘terrorist’ is named — his association with groups across the border are marked and re-marked by the press and the state. The reality remains unchanged; we live in the age of insecurity. The reaons why violence has become so deeply entrenched in our social systems … Continue reading

Kiska Ravan?

Vodafone sends me a Dusshera message: Burai par acchai Ki jeet! Dusshera lata hai ek ummeed, Ravan ki tarah hamare dukhon ka ant ho. Ek nayi shuruat spl. msgs & logos ke saath. SMS DUS to51515@Rs3/SMS Today, the image-making of the villain is a highly manufactured socio-political enterprise. This message of the triumph of good … Continue reading

Frozen Pilgrim

Beleaguered god-men in saffron lined the holy river the mountain road exposed dusty hillocks with tourist-infested tea stalls the journey persisted; the forests grew thicker, the path grew thinner Lohajung waited in silence. The lush meadows with their untamed lichens glowed under the mid-day sun by nightfall the earth was blanketed with white blossoms. The … Continue reading

Sunrise at Hut Bay, Little Andamans

In damp semi-darkness, knotted nets are brought out. The rested boats are dragged offshore by half clad, muscled bodies. Performing a kind of languid dance, raspy voices sing to approaching dawn. Boat shadows and footprints enmesh to form pleasant mosaics in the sand. The foamy waves attempt to swallow these sinewy figures as they dive … Continue reading