Imperial Pastoral: On constructions of rurality

Landings: a durational research project at the intersections of land history, geomorphology, rurality and corporeality, will launch with a colloquium event at Witte de With featuring a newly commissioned performance by artist Olof Olsson, as well as presentations by Anthropologist Rosalind Morris (Columbia University), Art Historian Brian Dudley Barrett and artist Filipa César. The event … Continue reading

The 5th India Art Fair and Parallel Events

(Art Agenda) INDIA ART FAIR, New Delhi February 1–3, 2013 Standing in front of Drawings on a Conversation (2012) at the Nature Morte booth in the midst of the 5th India Art Fair, one cannot help but relate its dense and chaotic weave to the general experience of art viewing in Delhi this week. Indeed, this work by … Continue reading

…Of conquest, resonance and falling: Notes on Some Left

Source: If I Can’t Dance, Amsterdam On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 July, at 22:20, If I Can’t Dance presents the performance Some Left by Sung Hwan Kim at Ruyschstraat 4-III in Amsterdam, with performers Matthew Infante and Jieun Rim, and with music by David Michael DiGregorio (aka dogr). After a full month of working, … Continue reading

on Afterall Online/ Geeta Kapur: On the Curatorial in India (Part 1) / Natasha Ginwala

On Afterall Online: Geeta Kapur is India’s foremost art critic, historian and curator; throughout the latter decades of the twentieth century, she has both shaped and documented the emergence of a contemporary art scene in the subcontinent. Her essays on art, film, cultural theory in the context of Third World perspectives and avant garde artistic … Continue reading

A Piece of Sky: A Walkabout at India Art Summit ‘09

Experiencing Installation Art by: Anish Kapoor, El Anatsui, Jagdish Kumar, Mayura Subhedar, Sudarshan Shetty, Suchitra Gahlot and Subodh Gupta. 20-22nd August, 2009 / 3:00 PM  “The time had come; To try my wings… And even though it seemed at any moment I could fall, I felt the most amazing things… The things you can’t imagine; … Continue reading