on Afterall Online/ Geeta Kapur: On the Curatorial in India (Part 1) / Natasha Ginwala

On Afterall Online:

Geeta Kapur is India’s foremost art critic, historian and curator; throughout the latter decades of the twentieth century, she has both shaped and documented the emergence of a contemporary art scene in the subcontinent. Her essays on art, film, cultural theory in the context of Third World perspectives and avant garde artistic practices have been widely anthologised – her 1989 essay ‘Contemporary Cultural Practice: Some Polemical Categories’ features in the recent Exhibition Histories title, Making Art Global (Part 1). Kapur has curated shows both nationally and internationally, as well as lecturing worldwide in university and museum contexts. In January 2010, the Asia Art Archive began to digitise the entire and expansive personal archives of Kapur and her artist-husband Vivan Sundaram, which includes thousands of photographs, artworks, slides, articles, clippings, catalogues and exhibition ephemera – arguably one of the most arcane and unique perspectives on South East Asian art ever to be collected online.

There is perhaps no one better to comment on India’s trajectory as a nascent ground for contemporary artistic and curatorial discourse; in the candid interview below, curator and critic Natasha Ginwala interrogates Kapur on the development of curatorial and discursive frameworks within the Indian art establishment.

To read complete interview visit Afterall Online

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