Interview with Geeta Kapur for Art and Deal Magazine

Interview with Geeta Kapur for Art & Deal Magazine (Issue 32)  – A revised version will be published on Afterall Online shortly (Excerpt) Natasha Ginwala: What are the possible reasons for a lack of institutional as well as extra-institutional discourse on curatorial practice in India thus far? Geeta Kapur: Any discourse on curatorship would be … Continue reading

Work in Progress: Dialogues on Curation (Part 1) in collaboration with Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA)

Work in Progress is envisioned as a platform whereupon artists, critics, curators and cultural theorists gather to discuss contemporary trajectories of curatorial practice in the South Asian context, including the changing role of the curator and innovative shifts in exhibition making as well as Arts programming. From performing as a ‘caretaker’ of museum collections – … Continue reading

The Way Things Go: Theorizations and Resistances

A headline in an archived edition of The Art Newspaper caught my attention – ‘2,000 works by Hélio Oiticica destroyed in fire.’ Below the opening statement is an image of the artist lying on the floor of his studio in Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by his artworks. This particular image-text combination got me thinking about … Continue reading

Theyyam through the lens of Bakhtinian thought

“Fear is the extreme expression of narrow-minded and stupid seriousness, which is defeated by laughter…. Complete liberty is possible only in the completely fearless world.”– Mikhail Bakhtin This statement creates the basis for the carnival-esque world of the comic, the grotesque and the rebel. Creating a context for Theyyam’s connection with Rabelais’s world Theyyam is … Continue reading