Film Screening + Discussion: Sisters! at Clark House Initiative

Image credit: Southall Black Sisters

Film Screening:


Petra Bauer  – Artist

Stefano Bertacchini – Photography

Rachel Dowle – Assistant

Marius Dybwad Brandrud  – Editor


Rob van de Schootbrugge  – Sound

Main cast: Southall Black Sisters

Zehra Jumabhoy, Tejal Shah, Shaina Anand, and LABIA collective.

Curated by Natasha Ginwala

at Clark House
Friday 13 January 2012
5.30pm – 8.00pm

Sisters! is a collaboration between Petra Bauer and the Southall Black Sisters — the radical, pioneering London-based feminist organisation, who since 1979 have politically engaged in the contemporary social and political conditions of black and minority women. Documenting one week in the life of the organisation, the film takes their daily activities as a springboard for a visual discussion on feminism, politics and aesthetics in today’s society. Petra Bauer’s films explore the possibilities of storytelling through the form of documentary making. Her interest lies in film as a political practice, and the role of moving images in the construction, presentation and representation of histories. Through her work she demonstrates how moving images can be seen as a space where social and political negotiations can take place.

Sisters! is co-commissioned by The Showroom (London), Skogen Produktion (Stockholm), and Picture This (Bristol). It is funded by Bloomberg, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, IASPIS, Arts Council England, and The Showroom’s Supporters Scheme. Made possible thanks to the generousity of Southall Black Sisters.

This screening in Bombay owes special thanks to Petra Bauer, Kate Stancliffe (The Showroom, London) and Rupali Patil.

Discussion: It will be followed by a discussion of how artistic gestures and collaborative structures may (re)view the contemporary relevance of radical Feminisms of the 70s. As performing, resisting and thinking through gender paradigms address the realm of affect, intimacy and provocation, we may jointly inquire the role of producing ‘collectivities’ and critical embeddedness in contemporary practice.

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