Heard at Jaipur Literature Festival 2010

“Being confused means that different parts of your-self are arguing with one another. If that weren’t the case it would be fascist.”

– Hanif Kureishi (Discusson on confused identity and migrant writers)

“My India is starvation deaths, My India is no BPL cards for the poor, My India is destruction of the forests. Not enough has been written on (this) India.

– Mahashweta Devi (Video Recording – Discussion: Of Women, Rebels and Peasants)

“There is a difference between crimes of passion and crimes of logic…however, there is no such thing as a virtuous murder. The Maoist rebels and Bush believe otherwise.”

– Dilip Simeon (Discussion: Of Women, Rebels and Peasants)

“The hunger for Millet is mine, the field belongs to the Thakur.
The hand on the plough is mine, the cattle belong to the Thakur.
The Harvest belongs to the Thakur.
The thirst for water is mine. The well belongs to the Thakur.
What is ours? The village, the city, the nation…?”

– Poem by Omprakash Valmiki (recited during the Bhaskar Bhasha series – rough translation)

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